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Y O U 'R E W E L C O M E


Iran, The Land of Poetry

Sphera Milano’s story began three generations ago with our founder, an ambitious husband and father. He was passionate about gemstones, diamonds and he was a businessman. He started traveling all over the globe and discovered how vast his opportunities can be.

After a few years, he made the tough decision to leave the country due to harsh living conditions. In a hurry, he left everything but small collection of stones pieces behind, knowing full well that this would be the path to his future.


A New Life in Milan

Ultimately settling in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, he was inspired to start full throttle and determined to turn his passion into empire. Still today, the elite jewelry factories are all found in Italy. He was able to establish relationships with up-and-coming jewelry artisans and craftsmen throughout the land — some of which are the same suppliers the Sphera Milano family partners with to this day. These relationships, along with the family’s industry expertise and unique designs, allowed him to build a thriving business selling everything fr om precious stones to finished jewelry to boutiques all over Europe.

Two decades later his only son found the same passion for diamonds and super high end jewelry pieces. They Began working together and took the business to new heights.


Coming to America

Fast forward to the third generation and meet a man who wanted more. He decided to move to New York to study English. After just a few visits to the States, he knew his opportunity was here. Ready for a challenge, He decided he was never going back to Milan.

With the support of his artisans and small factories back in Italy, as well as new suppliers in Turkey, India and Belgium, he started to work and bring his family business to the USA.


Falling In Love

After 7 years of living and working in NYC, he fell in love. His wife, born and raised in New York and had a background in women’s fashion.

Her story and fashion background began with her father who was born in Beirut, Lebanon. His wife's father was an orphan who grew up in poverty. Soon, he had to make the decision to leave the country due to the looming Lebanese Civil War. He moved to Israel with his mother and 2 brothers. Shortly after that, they moved to USA for the American dream. Her dad had a strong passion and interest in pattern making and apparel manufacturing, him and his brothers started working. The family had built an apparel empire from the ground up, selling in department stores through out the country.

With fresh energy and new aspirations, this couple was ready to combine their expertise in both the fashion and jewelry worlds. They had a vision and decided to create a new and affordable fashion jewelry collection. Fresh designs and new techniques, they were eager to cultivate and build something new together. And with that, Sphera Milano jewelry was born.


From NYC to Consumers Everywhere

After a few years of building the new business, the couple saw success with the brand. Today it is offered at department stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Ave. But that was not enough, the couple wanted to take the business a step further. They saw the importance of connecting with consumers and decided to cultivate relationships with the people actually wearing their product. With decades of experience it was time to go straight to the consumer. took flight.

Sphera Milano jewelry’s mission is to create long lasting, fashionable, sterling silver and 14k gold jewelry at prices that won’t break your bank. And now, to make it available for everyone around the world no matter wh ere they may be. We offer all women the jewelry they dream of and can’t find anywhere else. We love to be transparent, honest and pour our heart and soul into every piece we create. All our materials are ethically sourced while staying true to the family’s original objective, to make every woman feel beautiful.