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Meet Liat

As a child, I spent my Sundays and summers working for my family business in fashion where my dad was manufacturing women's apparel in New York. My love for fashion grew immensely and I was feeling extremely passionate, I knew I wanted to pioneer and discover more about what I was feeling. I married my husband at a young age, still feeling passionate and full of excitement, but I wasn't sure what path to take. Where do I place my talents? How can I develop what I'm feeling and turn it into something tangible?

My husband is a GIA graduate and has an extreme love for jewelry. He quickly taught me everything he knew and I couldn't get enough of this incredible world of jewels and diamonds. The stories and history that stands behind each stone, I was mesmerized. I knew this was where I can start being creative and actually develop something with my skills and passion for fashion. I was eager to combine both worlds.

I decided to learn more and I started a job at one of the country's largest jewelry manufacturing companies. I learnt everything about jewelry making. My personal and professional experiences sparked a long-standing fascination and love of jewelry and all the incredible details. After several years I just knew it was time and I was ready to finally bring everything I was thinking and dreaming to life.

Sphera Milano Jewelry is a collection that's very special to me and close to my heart. SPHERA is my fathers nickname for me. Adding that to my name, for me, is a symbol of love and affection. Sphera Jewelry combines both my love for fashion and jewelry. I design and create pieces for the effortlessly chic, modern and fashionable woman. Easily worn from day to night! Comfortable and super easy to wear. Each piece is meant to represent a story or a moment in time with an emphasis on excellent quality and affordability. I hope you enjoy our designs as much as we enjoy making them.

All Sphera Milano jewels are is designed and crafted with extreme passion and love.